Milena Berchot is an artist who explores, through her paintings, the feminine energy, its tenderness and sweetness, often mixing in her paintings the woman’s body and nature.
Born in 1974, she grew up in Sofia, then moved to the city of Plovdiv, where she studied in an art school until 1993 and then pursued her artistic education in the Academy of Fine Arts of Sofia, which she completed in 1998.
Her paintings have an elegance and refinement, a kind of lightness and sweetness, a strange melancholy tone that imperceptibly silences and carries the audience into a contemplation of contrasts, mysterious shadows and subtle forms.
Each person who sees her paintings for the first time is fascinated by the mystical atmosphere and absorbed by the different warm and familiar shades.
It is difficult to say where the magnetic attraction comes from in Milena Berchot's paintings - whether it’s from the graphic simplicity of the composition or from the frankness with which the paintings reflect the artist's calm and meditative interiority, the spectator immerses himself into a deep tranquility. Berchot's paintings are sought after by many collectors and are part of private collections of art lovers from around the world, including Rome, Munich, Vienna and Paris.